About the School


The mission of St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Montessori Church School is to provide excellent and authentic Montessori education in a Christian setting.


The purpose of the Church School is to develop mutual respect and interdependence in a diverse, creative Christian environment.


To awaken the spirit of God in every child

To partner with parents in their child’s moral, spiritual and learning development

To nurture the students’ growth so they become inner directed, responsible, graceful, respectful with good self-concept and integrity

To stimulate life- long love for learning

Our History

St. Christopher’s by-the-Sea Montessori School was born in 1968 with the opening of its preschool program. In subsequent years, the school expanded to include elementary education for children in grades one through five.

Today, St. Christopher’s offers a beautiful and nurturing educational environment within the diverse and international community of Key Biscayne and the surrounding vibrant Miami area.

St. Christopher’s is blessed with gifted, caring Montessori – credentialed teachers committed to utilizing the world acclaimed Montessori method of teaching.

Within this beautifully prepared environment children and youth are encouraged to discover and learn in ways that help them realize their highest potential. Through work and play, children come to understand responsibility, respect, integrity and values both moral and spiritual that will provide a solid foundation for life.


95 Harbor Drive
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

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